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Proven technology and expertise for concepts, marketplaces and platform providers

As a Ventures partner, our primary objective is to accelerate your growth. We’re already powering some of the most exciting private markets investment platforms; but this is just the start of our plan to create a globally connected private markets infrastructure.


Regardless of whether you are at the concept, pre-seed, start-up or scale up stage, we can work with you to add value to your business. Think of us as an alternative venture capital partner. However, rather than simply pumping money into your business, we will add transformative value through our private markets technology, expertise and consultancy.  


This collaborative approach will enable us to help you launch, scale and accelerate your private markets offering like never before.

Commercial models

Whether you are an early stage start-up at the proof of concept phase, or an established marketplace that is looking to enhance its proposition, we’re interested in talking to you. Each commercial agreement will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

  • 20–30% equity stake

  • Standard 12-month contract

  • Idea/proof of concept phase

  • No operating model

  • No registered company

  • One man/woman band!

As part of the Delio Ventures initiative, you will be able to:

Utilise proven, market-leading technology trusted by more than 90 institutions globally

Launch and scale your offering more quickly and efficiently

Become part of Delio’s global private markets ecosystem

Enjoy direct access to strategic support on proposition, regulatory and go-to-market strategy

Focus your attention on building your dealflow and investor bases without the logistical distractions

Build a long-term partnership with Delio to develop and enhance your proposition

We're here to help

Need support with building private markets infrastructure? Challenge us to find a solution

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