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Powering private markets concepts, marketplaces and platform providers

The Delio Ventures Initiative offers private market participants the opportunity to collaborate with one of the UK’s fastest growing fintechs. As a Delio partner, you will have access to your own white-labelled private markets platform for no up-front costs and will be able to launch your offering in a fraction of the time it would take to build your own digital distribution platform. And while our market-leading technology will power how you share and distribute deals, you will also be able to tap into our team’s decades of expertise that spans proposition development, go-to-market strategy, regulatory governance and more.

This means that you can rely on Delio’s digital tools and technical expertise, while you focus your attention on refining your business model and marketplace strategy. So, if you’re looking for a partner who can add value across all aspects of your business, look no further.

The benefits of working with us:

Access to Delio’s global network of financial institutions, family offices and angel networks

Utilise proven, market-leading technology trusted by more than 90 institutions globally

Regulatory cover to mitigate your professional risk (Arrangements only)

Strategic support from industry leaders on proposition, regulatory governance,

go-to-market strategy and much more

Benefit from additional Delio services available at a discounted price, such as KYC and AML checks

Access to Delio’s Deal Structuring Solutions and a team of investment specialists

We're here to help

Need support with building private markets infrastructure? Challenge us to find a solution

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