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Powering the next generation of 
private markets investment platforms

Delio Ventures is partnering with direct-to-investor marketplaces to accelerate growth and access to private markets.
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What is it

What is Delio Ventures?

Delio is already powering some of the world’s most exciting private markets investment platforms. They span a variety of asset classes and have one common goal - to simplify and accelerate access to the most exciting alternative investment opportunities. However, this is just the start of our plan.


Underpinned by Delio’s proven private markets technology, we want to create partnerships with a variety of organisations across the alternative assets space; whether you’re a pre-seed concept, an exciting new entrant or an established player that is looking to scale, the Ventures team is here to accelerate the growth of your direct to investor marketplace.

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Manage all your private market deals from one digital platform
Showcase private investment opportunities your way
Manage all your private market deals from one digital platform
Track and report on each stage of the investment process
Generate valuable insights through real-time analytics
White-labelled private markets technology that can be configured to your needs
How it works

How it works

As a Ventures partner, our primary objective is to help you develop and scale your marketplace for alternative assets. Think of us as the foundation on which you can build your marketplace; 

a suite of private markets digital tools that will add transformative value through specialist technology, expertise and consultancy. This collaborative approach will enable us to help you launch, scale and accelerate your private markets offering like never before.


Each partnership will be bespoke to meet individual objectives and partners will be able to leverage: 

Proven, market-leading configurable technology trusted by more than 90 institutions globally

Strategic support from industry leaders on proposition, regulatory governance, go-to-market strategy and much more

Access to Delio’s global private markets ecosystem and 

network of participants

Regulatory services to mitigate 

your professional risk (Arrangements only)

Additional Delio services are available such as Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML)

Delio’s Structuring Solutions and a 

team of investment specialists

Why us

So, why should you work with us?

Ventures is an initiative powered by Delio, a UK-headquartered fintech that powers the private markets offerings of more than 90 financial institutions across Europe, North America, APAC and the Middle East. 


We are passionate about the opportunities that a globally connected private markets community can offer financial institutions and investors. Our extensive industry experience and unique, ‘behind the scenes’ positioning means that we are ideally placed to form partnerships with new entrants and established players who are looking to launch or scale their private market offering.


Delio Ventures is already powering digital marketplaces that are disrupting private markets and connecting investors with exciting alternative investment opportunities across the globe…

Delio Ventures infographic visualising six value-adding results coming from joining the initiative
Impact Agora Logo

A thriving global ecosystem of more than 90 institutions and investors that share a passion for how capital can positively influence the world we live in. Since its launch in April 2020, the Impact Agora platform has seen $1.4bn worth of impact and ESG investment opportunities shared between community members from across 12 countries.

Truffle Invest Logo

An independent private markets platform that allows wealth managers and family offices to enhance their client relationships by enabling access to a wide range of curated, high-quality private markets funds. A diverse range of investment opportunities are available including private equity, private debt, venture capital and real assets.

Asedion Logo

A digital solution that caters for the types of transactions that occur throughout a real estate asset’s capital lifecycle. Asedion delivers an end-to-end transaction workflow for real estate deal providers and manages interactions between sellers and buyers, borrowers and lenders, and investment managers and investors.

Align 17 Logo

A digital marketplace that simplifies how private wealth is deployed to investments addressing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Align17 partners with institutional investors and third-party industry experts to source and screen global investment opportunities that pursue both financial returns and positive social or environmental outcomes.

The Team

The people behind Ventures

With decades of collective experience gained at some of the world’s most respected financial institutions, the Ventures team is perfectly positioned to help you develop and scale your marketplace. Our investment committee consists of a diverse range of financial professionals, technology specialists and private markets experts.

David Newman, Co-Founder and Chief Commerical Officer, Delio

David Newman

Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer


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Matthew Davies, Private Markts Structurin Analyst, Delio

Matthew Davies

Private Markets Structuring Analyst


  • icon that links to Matthew Davies's LinkedIn page
Alessandra Ricagno, Head of Deal Structuring Solutions

Alessandra Ricagno

Head of Delio Structuring Solutions


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Jason Proctor, Independent Participant, Truffle Invest

Jason Proctor

Managing Director

Truffle Invest

  • icon that links to Jason Proctor's LinkedIn page
Gareth Lewis, Co-Founder and Chief Executive, Delio

Gareth Lewis

Co-Founder and Chief Executive


  • icon that links to Gareth Lewis's LinkedIn page
Sian O'Roche, Product Owner, Delio

Sian O'Roche

Product Owner


  • icon that links to Sian O'Roche's LinkedIn page

Gareth Morgan

Chief Operating Officer


  • icon that links to Gareth Morgan's LinkedIn page
Gareth Coles, Delivery Engineering Manager, Delio

Gareth Coles

Delivery Engineering Manager


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